Editorial Policy

Articles submitted for publication on this website adhere to this editorial policy.

  • Research studies, statistics, and other sources and/or citations must be listed within (or at the end) the article in a natural and easy-to-read manner.
  • Outbound links must be available, accurate, and easily identified as such.
  • Links to recommended products, affiliate products, or ads will be labeled as such, whether by a parenthetical tag or verbiage noting that the link opens at another named website.
  • Research studies and statistics must also include the publication date and whether it is from a peer-reviewed journal (if known).
  • Opinions, anecdotes, and personal experiences will be easily identified as such. They will be reasonably separated from facts.
  • Our editorial board and/or editor-in-chief will proofread all articles for clarity, readability, and accuracy.

Articles published on this website have been reviewed by our editorial board and approved for publication per our editorial policies.

If there are any concerns or issues with an article, please contact us and let us know of the issue so we may address it as soon as possible.