Work with Us

Protean Enterprises has a team of freelancers in various roles. All roles are fully remote, 100% virtual, and have no set schedules.

We’re looking for enthusiasts, hobbyists, and those who want to learn by doing. You don’t have to be an expert to apply.

All positions hire on an ongoing basis as our team has openings. Selected applicants will be invited to interview and/or join our sandbox fit-testing.

Individual positions will indicate whether we’re actively hiring or accepting applications to keep on file.

Applicant FAQs:

When will I hear from a Protean Enterprises agent about my application?

We contact selected applicants to interview and/or join our sandbox fit-testing. We aim to connect with selected candidates for interviewing and/or sandbox fit-testing within 3 to 5 days of their application during open hiring periods.

For applicants not selected for interviewing and/or fit-testing, we aim to let you know ASAP. We cannot give individual feedback. It’s not feasible, realistic, or sustainable. (Yes, we’ve tried it before.)

It’s been 2 weeks, and I haven’t heard anything – what gives?

Our apology for that. Responding to every applicant is a new policy; we aren’t perfect. We’re working on it, so thank you for your patience.

Our general rule is that applicants who don’t hear from us within 2 weeks of an open hiring window have not been selected for interviewing and/or sandbox fit-testing.

Will you keep my application on file for future consideration?

We may keep qualified applications on file for consideration for 90 days. We may reach out to these applicants as we have openings on our team.

Is my application data safe?

We aim to keep personal data secure. We purge all applicant data from our database quarterly unless we have your written consent to keep it on file for longer.

Please see our privacy policy for information on how your application information is stored and kept secure.


Want to write for us? We’d love to see your portfolio!

Please click the button above or apply to join our team of writers by clicking this link and filling out the application form.


Perfectionists and proofreaders welcome!

Please either click the button above or click this link to apply to join our team of editors and fill out the application form.

Virtual Team

We love our administrative assistants, graphic designers, illustrators, and other virtual assistant specialists.

Please use the button above or use this link to apply to join our team of virtual assistants and fill out the application form.