Join our Virtual Team

All available positions have been filled.
We are not actively hiring team members. We may keep qualified applications on file for future consideration.

We work with the most amazing team of people worldwide via our virtual team. We work with administrative assistants, graphic designers, editors, generalist virtual assistants, and more.

For each position, we look for a rock star team member. Each job will include a variety of tasks, almost all of which have tutorials and standard operating procedures (SOPs).

General Job Description

The ideal candidate will be comfortable working in WordPress, have experience using task management software ClickUp, and be well organized and attentive to detail.

Suppose the ideal candidate does not have experience in WordPress and ClickUp. In that case, they will be willing to learn how to use them during fit testing and training via our standard operating procedures.

Some common tasks include:

  • Adding articles to our WordPress websites
  • Formatting the articles
  • Creating infographics, graphics, or other images
  • Adding images to our WordPress sites
  • Social Media Tasks
    • Creating shareable images and pins
    • Writing basic social media content or pin descriptions
    • Scheduling social media posts
    • Commonly used software includes Canva, Publer, and WordPress Web Stories
    • We provide access to the required software
  • Basic Data Entry and regular reports
  • Other tasks – to be added over time or as the project grows
  • SOPs will always be provided


TBD/DOE – We’ll ask you what your hourly rate is on the form below. Please let us know how much you need to be paid for this to be worth it to you long-term. We want this to be a long-term, win-win situation.

Other Requirements

  • Excellent English speaking and writing skills
  • Valid NBI Clearance
  • Valid Government ID
  • Submit proper tax forms (if hired)
  • Stable Internet Connection
  • Working Computer with at least 4GB RAM
  • Excellent Organizational Skills with attention to detail
  • Motivated Self-Starter

Job Perks

  • Have a good work-life balance: work when and where you want. As long as the work gets done, we don’t care whether you work days, nights, at home, or at the beach.
  • Get paid weekly. We believe in paying our team members for their contributions. We work with our team members directly for this to be a sustainable, long-term working relationship.
  • Opportunity to advance. We want to work with you long-term! We are open to giving raises and bonuses.
  • Benefits for qualified team members. We offer additional benefits (like paid time off, paid holidays, and more) to qualified team members. We’ve got it all clearly outlined in our team handbook.
  • Honest communication and expectations. We believe in honesty and transparency. We’ve got perks, expectations, and everything else in a handy dandy PDF team handbook. We share that with candidates during the hiring process so that nothing will be a surprise.
  • Freedom from micromanagement. Team members have a central project dashboard to help prioritize and manage workload independently.
  • Plenty of support and an SOP playbook (standard operating procedures). We want this to be a win-win scenario, so we’ve got every task and project’s steps outlined in our SOP manual. Many of our SOPs also have video tutorials.

Team Levels and Schedules

Work your ideal schedule. Here are the team levels and schedules we offer.

  • Project-based: under 10 hours per week for a set project
  • Part-time: 10 to 20 hours per week
  • Full-time: 20 to 35 hours per week
  • Team leads: 35 plus hours weekly

Please note that our additional perks (like paid time off and paid holidays) are only available to full-time and team lead positions. Team leads may also be eligible for additional perks beyond PTO.

Why Work with Us (our mission)

We want to improve our corner of the world – and then, one day, the whole world. We work towards that by focusing on our values:

  • Knowledge and empathy lead to wisdom and freedom.
  • Individuals can become a cohesive, cooperative community where everyone benefits.

We run a small network of sites and blogs that support these values by providing readers with free, quality, well-researched, and factual information on various topics.

We encourage you to apply if this is the kind of team you want to work for and with.

Steps to Apply for the Job

  1. Do a happy dance. This step is optional but fun.
  2. Fill out the form below. This will get you added to our system. We will reach out to qualified candidates for interviews on an ongoing basis as our team has openings.
  3. In the form below, we ask you if there was a tagline. The answer to that question is tacos.
  4. Please fill out the whole form and attach any pertinent work samples.

If you are selected for an interview, a short Skype or Google Hangouts call will be between us, and a video chat will be required.

Applicant FAQs:

When will I hear from a Protean Enterprises agent about my application?

We contact selected applicants to interview and/or join our sandbox fit-testing. We aim to connect with selected candidates for interviewing and/or sandbox fit-testing within 3 to 5 days of their application during open hiring periods.

For applicants not selected for interviewing and/or fit-testing, we aim to let you know ASAP. We cannot give individual feedback. It’s not feasible, realistic, or sustainable. (Yes, we’ve tried it before.)

It’s been 2 weeks, and I haven’t heard anything – what gives?

Our apology for that. Responding to every applicant is a new policy; we aren’t perfect. We’re working on it, so thank you for your patience.

Our general rule is that applicants who don’t hear from us within 2 weeks of an open hiring window have not been selected for interviewing and/or sandbox fit-testing.

Will you keep my application on file for future consideration?

We may keep qualified applications on file for consideration for 90 days. We may reach out to these applicants as we have openings on our team.

Is my application data safe?

We aim to keep personal data secure. We purge all applicant data from our database quarterly unless we have your written consent to keep it on file for longer.

Please see our privacy policy for information on how your application information is stored and kept secure.